The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste: a successful pilot in Mauritius

May 10, 2023 by

A third-party audited certification that improves the bottom line

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is an international certification program for hotels, restaurants and canteens willing to improve their bottom line while accessing new customers. Certified businesses usually experience a food cost reduction of 3 to 5%, reducing food waste per cover by 30%.

The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste is a comprehensive framework that is third-party verified, 100% online and based on 95 criteria. A few hotel chains are already certified and love this program, as it is designed to cut on food costs, save food and expand your brand image.

10 certified restaurants in Mauritius

10 hotels and canteens have participated with their restaurants on a nine-month journey to cut on food waste, reduce unnecessary costs and negative environmental impacts. At the end of the project (early 2022) all the organizations reached the international certification The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste.

Rethink2gether’s CEO Ben Liegey has supported La Pirogue Hotel to comply with the certification. This has been with online training, meeting on a monthly basis to make sure most of the 95 criteria are implemented, with the right evidences, before the third-party audit.  Their restaurant, Wolmar, has been certified with a score of 96%

Face-to-face interactions are always best when implementing change. But this project showed that value can be provided online, to help the hospitality industry achieve great successes. 

A growing movement

More and more restaurants have been certified for The PLEDGE™ on Food Waste: in Singapore, Thailand, Denmark, Mauritius. And in the US, 30 restaurants are about to apply as part of a Build Back Better project.  It’s time to follow the trend! 

More and more Accredited Consultants are joining forces all over Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and Canada. Ben Liegey is the first Accredited Consultant in Canada and would be happy to tell you more about the benefits of getting certified.

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